Check Out These 3 Virtual Field Trips That Are Fun for the Whole Family

Staying indoors all day can be draining, especially when you have kids to keep entertained. While we all need to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by staying at home, it’s crucial that you find various activities and hobbies to occupy your time. For instance, these virtual field trips provide the whole family with the opportunity to engage with others and “escape” from the house for a bit—well, at least digitally. Check out our favorite virtual tours below:

The Louvre

Come along on a virtual tour of the Louvre in none other than Paris, France –the city of love, good cheese, and art! Thanks to this sponsorship by Shiseido, a Japanese beauty company, you can explore the museum’s exhibition rooms and galleries without a passport or plane ticket! With many subjects, mediums, and artists, this all-out virtual tour will not disappoint in any sense of the word.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park allows online visitors to experience over 220 different locations within Yosemite and its surrounding areas during all of its seasons with it’s grand-slam of a virtual tour. The 360-degree, interactive panoramas are all presented in high resolution, so viewers can zoom in and out while looking around the famous National Park in every direction possible. Beautiful sites of Yosemite’s famous cliffs, waterfalls, and valleys await you.

The Surface of Mars

Okay, so you normally couldn’t do a tour like this, anyway, but it doesn’t make this tour any less cool! A company by the name of Access Mars offers an awesome WebVR experiment to Internet users. The footage, which was actually recorded by a rover named Curiosity—go figure—is available for you and your family to access. It’s pretty cool, considering that the 3D model was used to study mars by NASA astronauts!

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