Break a Sweat Without the Gym by Using These Helpful Workout Suggestions

Physical activity and nutrition are important parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At Hollow Tree Park, which boasts 2 bedroom apartments in Houston, we do our best to provide our residents with resourceful tips, exercise routines, and even recipes to help them reach their fitness goals.

In recent years, especially during the pandemic’s worst moments, many fitness enthusiasts turned to at-home workouts by transforming rooms of their apartment homes into an impromptu fitness studio. If you’re exercising without your usual equipment, these workouts can get stale quickly, though. Here are some suggestions on how to stave off boredom and a lack of motivation with your workouts, courtesy of your favorite Cypress Station apartments!

Give streaming or video workouts a try.

There are tons of fitness studios that are providing video workouts and Livestream workouts online. Some trainers are even doing free workouts on their social media channels, so it’s worth checking your favorite fitness accounts to see what they’ve come up with. Mix it up with different instructors and workout styles to keep things interesting.

Reward yourself for working out.

“There’s nothing like creative incentives to breathe life into your workouts,” says Jennifer Nagel, a fitness coach. So, try to think of fun ways to reward yourself for “showing up” to your home workouts. This could include anything that feels fun right now! Each week, choose a new goal and incentive to make it exciting to reach for your goals.

Turn your regular routine into a circuit.

If you’re not already doing circuit workouts, they can work wonders for keeping things both quick and interesting. They can also help translate gym workouts to home workouts. If you normally do squats, add some mountain climbers and step-ups, and repeat three to four times for a killer leg circuit. Because you’re doing the movements back-to-back, they can still feel challenging with just your body weight.

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